Has anyone published an SDL 1.3 app on the Mac App, Store?

Liam wrote:

Isn’t SDL 1.2.* LGPL ? How do you allow relinking of your OpenGL
application, do you provide the object files or source?

Scruffy3D is a bunch of project files (scripts and graphics, sounds,
etc) that runs in my engine, dim3, a development environment for 3D
games. dim3 is open source and free for all usage as long as I get
credit. So you can download the code and relink SDL if you want –
www.klinksoftware.com :slight_smile:

Vern wrote:

Brian – are you the author of “Scruffy” (or maybe it was “Scruffy
II”) from way back in the B&W Mac days? And “Billy Goes Bowling”? If
so, man – I loved that old Scruffy game back in the day! (And I think
I spoke to you by email back then about it at one point.) Haha, small

Yup, Scruffy was B&W, Scruffy ][ (yes, the Apple ][ thing) was color.
And Billy Goes Bowling, which was never really released, I never felt it
was good enough so just let it go into the wild. Maybe Billy Goes
Bowling 3D next :slight_smile:

Anyway, any chance you could give me any tips on how to compile the
libraries as static libs? I tried doing the UNIX style ./configure
and make, but I don’t even know where the end results were put, or
what libraries I’d want to link to. Or is there a way to configure
XCode to make static libs?

I actually used XCode for all my libraries, even something like libpng
and mpg123 (I think) where I had to build my own projects. Last I saw,
SDL should have a dynamic library project (in XCode). Pick that, change
the mach-o type to static, change the suffix to a, and you should get a
static lib (click in the product area to find the library.) Not if you
are linking with anything non-framework, like a -lz or -lcrypto or
something, you need to remove that, it’s not legal for static libraries
which are really just code that needs to be linked. This is from
memory, but that should be all it takes.

Then you need to just include it (and the headers, which you’ll have to
manually move yourself) into your project.

NOTE: Back everything up first. I’m not really recommending this as the
world’s best solution, though it turns out to have it’s benefits for me.
This was born out of frustration with the app approval process.

[>] Brian

Hi Patrick,

LGPL doesn’t require the source for your application, just for the library
and any modifications to it.
I don’t think is right…

As Liam said, LGPL requires you to enable users to reconstruct a working
binary application an updated library (in this case SDL).

Anyways, wasn’t SDL re-released under some other (more permissive) license just recently?

Isn’t that just 1.3? (Zlib license)