Have No iOS Devices, Can Someone Please Test Our iOS Build?


We are brand new to iOS developing.
We currently have no iOS devices for testing.
Can someone please test our 1st iOS build?

You can download the iOS install file below:

Please let us know of any issues.
Again we are brand new to iOS dev.



What deployment mechanism are you using? Ad hoc, TestFlight or what?

Honestly I am not sure.
Was just hoping someone could let us know if it installs on device and works properly.




AFAIK you cannot distribute iOS apps simply as binary (like you can on Android), the system is much more locked down and won’t allow to install it.

I think the best way to have other users test your app is to upload it to your developer account, supply the basic information for the app store entry, and then invite people for beta test using “test flight”.



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No, it doesn’t (it simply reports as a Zip archive). But that’s to be expected since it appears to be neither an Ad-Hoc nor a TestFlight build, which AFAIK are the only options available to you for deploying test versions via the internet. Probably the only way you could install it would be to a local device connected via a USB cable.