HD resolutions from Playstation3 command-line (Sam Lantinga)

Nah, I’m working through the PS3 OtherOS hypervisor.
Its basically the Cell and 256MB system ram with a
framebuffer. Access to the GPU is blocked. I just
compiled SDL from source which has been great, except
for this one problem.-----
Message: 8
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 07:58:01 -0800
From: slouken@libsdl.org (slouken)
Subject: Re: [SDL] HD resolutions from Playstation3
To: “A list for developers using the SDL library.

I haven’t looked at SDL on the PS3. Is there an
existing port, or are
you using the PS2 code? I imagine HD resolutions
aren’t in the PS2
resolution constants.

You’re welcome to submit a patch if you find out what
they should use.

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment


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