Heheheh (fun tricks)

I just added support for ADPCM compressed WAV files to SDL.
Also, there are two new directories in the examples subdirectory:

mixer -- A 4-channel audio mixer which supports loading WAV files
aliens -- A silly little game sorta that demonstrates the mixer library

The aliens code has support for loading GIF files, taken with almost no
changes from XPaint. Between that and the ADPCM WAV file support, data
files are getting smaller and smaller. :slight_smile:

I left everything in the main SDL distribution for now, since if you want
to check out the aliens game-let you’ll need the new development version
of SDL anyway.

You can get it via CVS, or from the developer’s page:

You might have to re-checkout CVS source – I don’t think an update will
grab new subdirectories (if you use CVS.)

Oh, I think loading stereo ADPCM WAV files is broken right now, and I’m
too tired to fix it.

Good morning…

-Sam Lantinga				(slouken at devolution.com)--

Author of Simple DirectMedia Layer -