Hello, and a small problem with SDL 1.2


I’ve but recently subscribed to this list, so please forgive me if the
topic has already been discussed here (I haven’t found it in the archives,
though). The problem is with automake improperly generating Makefile.in for
the src/hermes/ directory. The .asm rules put in Makefile.am fail to produce
a list of objects libheremes.la depends upon and thus the library is not
compiled at all. The quick solution is to replace all .asm with .s in the
Makefile.am and rename all files .asm -> .s (yes, it’s not a very nice
solution). The relevant software versions:

OS: Debian Linux (sid)
libc: glibc 2.2.2
automake: 1.4a
autoconf: 2.13
gcc: 2.95.3


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