Help: SDL not available hardware acceleration

Help please understand.
I tried to use SDL.

Initialize SDL, Set up a video mode:
const SDL_VideoInfo* info = SDL_GetVideoInfo();
printf (“hw_available: %d\n”, info->hw_available);

hw_available: 0

All this on a laptop with a built-in video:
Integrated Graphics Chipset: Intel ® 945GME

Tell my, where to dig, what to read.

Hardware surfaces are not guaranteed. For example, on Windows the
default graphics backend is GDI, which doesn’t support hardware
surfaces. You need to tell SDL to use the Direct2D backend to get
them. On Linux, you might only be able to get hardware surfaces if you
are root with some backends.

First off though, have you tried just using software surfaces? They
are fast enough for a wide variety of applications, and its generally
a good idea not to make your program fail because it cannot obtain a
hardware surface.

The second thing is that hardware surfaces might end up being slower
for certain types of applications. In particular, anything involving
alpha blending (or other read/write operations, rather than write
only ones) is usually not hardware accelerated (through SDL 1.2 API
IIRC), and you instead end up paying an expensive round trip to
dedicated graphics RAM if you mix hardware surfaces and alpha


– BrianOn 17 April 2010 09:24, Maxim Vinokurov wrote:

Tell my, where to dig, what to read.