Help to make a game working


I would like to play a game named Dstroy where GPL sources can be found here: http: //

It was developed in 2009 using SDL 1.2. At the time I success to compile and play it without worry.
I want to re-compile it again today, but a bug occurs, the keyboard does not respond in the game except the “escape” key that allows to leave the game.

Everything else seems to work (video, sound, etc …)

I think the problem concern SDL, my hypothesis is that the “keyboard” working with an older version of the library, but not with the 1.2.15 I use to compile today. (version distributed by Ubuntu 14.04)
I also tried to compile on Mac OS X, the same problem occurs.

Is a SDL specialist can take a look and see if there is a quick fix?

thank you


PS: The game is very easy to compile, linux and mac must use the Makefile.linux some dependencies are required (SDL_mixer, SDL_net, libsmpeg …)
make -f Makefile.linux all
For data, you should download the archive for win32 and copy the contents of dstroydata file in / usr / local / share / games / DStroy (or copy the folder in the source and do a make install, but it copies files everywhere, and it is mismanaging rights)