Help w/ Adafruit Backpack Touch

Has anyone had any success with SDL2 + Raspberry Pi(raspbian) + Adafruit Backpack touchscreen? I am not having much luck.

I’m trying to put together a simple button-pushing app, basically just to interface with GPIO. This is a pure SDL2 app running from the console, with no desktop - no x or other graphics library. The app works fine with a standard mouse, but I’m wanting touch capability.

The Adafruit touchscreen is a 5" with resisistive overlay, and uses an Ar1100 which has 3 different modes: USB-Mouse, USB-Digitizer & USB-Generic.

In USB-Mouse mode, I can get typical mouse events: Button up&down + motion. However, the cursor itself does not move from the upper left corner, and the reported position is always 0,0.

In USB-Digitizer mode, I get nothing in SDL2. I do get data in evtest (i.e. /dev/input/event0), but SDL2 does not recognize any of the events. I’ve tried a patch, and made some changes to udev.c, evdev.c, touch.c, etc. to no avail.

USB-Generic doesn’t do anything either, as was expected.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, whether it be to get this working or to recommend other options.