Hexen keyboard problem

I’m trying to play the SDL Hexen port. Everything appears to work great
except that I can’t move (or do anything at all except ESC) using the
keyboard once the game starts.

Mouse button 1 fires, and mouse button 3 moves forward. Once I fire,
the monsters wake up and kill me because I can’t evade them, or aim.

Before starting the game, or after pressing ESC, the arrows work fine
to navigate the menus.

hexen 0.2.3
SDL 1.0.3 (installed in /usr/local/)
Using the full hexen.wad from my DOS/Windos install (not shareware)
K6-2 333MHz, 64 MB
PS/2 mouse and keyboard
Debian GNU/Linux “potato” (glibc 2.1.2)
Linux kernel 2.2.12
XFree86 3.3.6 (Mach64 X server) at 1024x768, 16bpp
fvwm2 with a GNOME panel
esd (0.2.16) running, and sound mixing works great

Running as root (desperation attempt) does not make the keyboard work,
and causes the sound (mixing?) to stop working.–
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