Hi all,

Hi all,

I have a question about building SDL library with Borland’s Free C++
Compiler. I read the FAQ and Borland.html file which sais this:

"Open an MS-DOS Prompt. Change to the “Borland\freebcc” directory under
the SDL source directory. Type “make -f SDL.mak” to build SDL and “make
-f SDLmain.mak”. "

I did this, but compiler throw and error in
…\include\SDL_types.h on line 95:
Array must have at least one element

So I edited the file, and found this:

/* Check to make sure enums are the size of ints,
for structure packing. For both Watcom C/C++ and
Borland C/C++ the compiler option that makes
enums having the size of an int must be enabled.
This is “-b” for Borland C/C++ and “-ei” for Watcom C/C++ (v11).
typedef enum {

So, if I understand correcly “-b” flag should be given to compiler.
In SDL.mak makefile, the flag given is: “-b-” which probably means
to turn it off. I tried to change it to “-b” and library compiled
without problems.

Is this ok? Will my .dll and .lib files work?–
Milan Babuskov