Hi, some about SDL

Hi, I have some problem to read how SDL works. I want to say (in primis)
that I
have experience in Xlib programming.
1)I know that the first thing to do for display a Window is “Map” it (see
ndow) but I have see that you do not use it, but use event. Why it? IMHO
it is n
ot correct. I want to say that how SDL is make when I call
the Window is displayed but in some circostamces I want to display the
window on
ly after I have make all.
2)how can I open 2 window? I have tried (this is not correct) to make 2
but it does not works (like I think). And the Window data is defined like
ndow so I can not use 2 window. why?
3)I have start to programming with this library and I have some comment.
Start (
for the moment) to how set a background color. I have see the testwin.c
file and
you make :
for ( i=0; ih; ++i ) {
memset(pixels, black,
pixels += screen->pitch;
wow. pixel for pixel. Why do you do not use a function based on
Hey, this only a suggest.

4)Great works the SDL library. Can I partecipate?
5)Bye (for the moment).

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