Hi there. I am very interested in your SDL stuff. I dont know much about it
yet…but it sounds incredible!

I guess I should tell you a little about my project. I am working on a
music studio application. Initially its a MIDI in/out sequencer, but it
will have added support (via plugins) for audio, and video. Its based
around a simple easy to develop for plugin engine, that easily allows new
plugins to be added for just about anything needed. Filtering, new song
formats, audio/video formats, visual editors, synthesis playback plugins
(soft/synth), audio mixing, 3D positional audio, encoders (MP3, DTS, THX,
AC3, etc), rendering of audio with animated instrumental movements over
time in 3D space, dsp/midi fx plugins, build-it-your-self mixer panels, and
a lot lot more. However…this is all in the design stage. The plugin engine
is about the only thing working…which is really the most important since
its the glue of this program. I am ready about to start developing the midi
sub-system. This will be a complete plugin in itself, adding an API to the
system that all other plugins can gain access to. There will be get/set
types of functions passed through the API so that plugins can get/set
events, gain access to midi hardware, etc. There will also be another
"storage" plugin that will actually manage songs, tracks, events,
instruments, samples/audio, video images, etc. Beyond all that, the reason
I am writing you is in hopes that you can answer a few questions.

First, my goal is to write this thing on Win32 initially, but I have HIGH
hopes of porting it to Linux, BeOs, Mac OS, Mac OS X, SGI Irix, Alpha NT,
Amiga (the new ones coming out), Solaris and possibly some other OSs. Until
recently I had two other guys helping me. They both have pretty much bailed
mainly because they no longer have the time to work on this project.

So…one of my major concerns…or two of them for that matter, is timing
accurately, and threading. I was told by two people about your library,
which is why I am emailing you. I saw your site…and it looks like its well
under way to becoming a very powerful multi-platform library of audio/video
routines. I do hope you add MIDI support soon! :slight_smile: So…what I was wondering
is, how well does your library handle threaded timers, timing accuracy
resolution, and threads in general? Do most OSs have hardware timers that
your library will use and also support multi-threading apps on all platforms?

I am curious to know if I have say 6 threads going in my system at once…if
thats actually “worse” for the timing, or would it increase the speed of
the overall system because playback would be in one thread, timing another,
mixing anohter, the main/gui in the 4th, and possibly a DSP thread and
recording thread (6 in total). Is that too much?

Well…thats it for now. I joined your mailing list. Look forward to hearing
from you.

Thanks. Keep up the good work!

Kevin Duffey

“You wont get muscles watching me lift weights”