Hotkey question

When specifying hotkeys, it is natural to specify them as:
KMOD_ALT+key, or KMOD_CTRL+key, etc.
but what that actually defines is a hotkey that requires both right and
left modifiers to be held down.

Does it make sense to have the modifier mask be “all of the specified
modifiers”, where you can specify (KMOD_LALT|KMOD_LCTRL)+SDLK_DELETE
or should it be “any of the specified modifiers” where hitting LCTRL+DELETE
will trigger the above hotkey?

Or… I can map KMOD_ALT, KMOD_CTRL, KMOD_SHIFT, etc. to the left hand
side of the keyboard, and you can never specify a hotkey that requires
both right and left-handed modifier keys to be pressed at once.

What do you think?

-Sam Lantinga				(slouken at

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