How can I display image on a appointed window?


Thanks for your time.

Here are some questions when I use SDL lib:

I use mp4player of the project mpeg4ip to receive and play real streams of mpeg4 through UDP Multicast or play local media file. And it runs normal. But each time when the mp4player was started, it popup a display window which was producted by SDL automaticly.

Now, I developed my own dialog interface on Solaris system by using Motif toolkit. My question is that if it possible for me to display the decoded image on the appointed window which developed by Motif.

That is to say, I want to display the decoded image on the very window which can be provided through a window’s handle while not to use the popup window created by SDL. That may be need a window handle which sent to SDL lib, but it looks like that there are not corresponding API use for receiving a window or widget handle. I want to know if it possible to do this.

When it is possiable for me to do this, how should I do this, and in what place do I need to provide and take in the windwo’s handle? Should I to modify some codes in SDL libraries?

Would anyone be so kindly to give me some advice? Is there has any useful information or samples such as web link that I can use for reference?

I really appreciate your help!

Best Regards!