How can I find what Unicode chars are typable with user's keyboard setup?


I’m working on Sam Hart’s “Tux Typing” game and trying to improve i18n
support. The game reads in lists of words for the player to type. I would
like to check each Unicode char in the word list to be sure it can actually
be entered with the player’s keyboard setup. Does SDL offer some way to do

To put it another way, is there some way to programmatically check the Unicode
value associated with each member of the SDLKey enum? (without having
user-generated key events, that is). I know if I have a key event, I can get
both the keysym name and the Unicode value from the struct, but is there any
function that returns the Unicode value currently associated with a given
keysym on the user’s keyboard? I apologize if I am missing something obvious
(I’m not exactly a professional at this).

Thanks for any help.–
David Bruce