How do iterate over audio samples from a wav file that as float?

I’ve got the following code:

		Uint8* AudioBuffer = nullptr;
		Uint32 AudioBufferLength = 0;
		SDL_memset(&SpecToAnalyse, 0, sizeof(SDL_AudioSpec));
		SDL_LoadWAV(FilePath.c_str(), &SpecToAnalyse, &AudioBuffer, &AudioBufferLength);
		if (SpecToAnalyse.format & AUDIO_F32)
			const size_t NumSamples = AudioBufferLength / sizeof(float);
			float* AsCorrectType = reinterpret_cast<float*>(AudioBuffer);
			// Do DSP stuff()

I’m expecting audio samples within the range -1.0f to 1.0, but this isn’t the case.
Am I detecting the sample type incorrectly or is there an additional conversion function I’m meant to use?

You’re supposed to detect floating point format with the SDL_AUDIO_ISFLOAT() macro