How to enable drag and drop on Mac OS X?


I want to drop files on my SDL window on Mac OS X.

I made my Info.plist as per?Xcode/SDLTest/TestDropFile-Info.plist .

Then created following directory:

And copied my Info.plist to?/Applications/ directory.

But it does not activate drag and drop to myApp.

The myApp is in /usr/bin .

What else requires to be configured to get the drag and drop enabled?

My Info.plist is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> CFBundleDevelopmentRegion English CFBundleDocumentTypes CFBundleTypeRole Viewer LSHandlerRank Alternate LSItemContentTypes CFBundleExecutable myApp CFBundleIdentifier com.mydomain.myApp CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion 6.0 CFBundleName myApp CFBundlePackageType APPL CFBundleShortVersionString 1.0 CFBundleVersion 1.0

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards