How to ensure, SDL surfaces are HW? + event problem!

  1. The question is in the subject…-- related to my earlier

“You should only use SDL_HWSURFACE if you know you have h/w
accelerated blits - and then you should also make sure that all source
textures are h/w surfaces as well. (Not all cards and drivers support
blitting from system RAM.)”

Well, when I create surfaces I use “SDL_Surface surface_name;” is that
I would like to speed-up my drawing… Well… That’s the problem lol:)

  1. So, is there any way to “force” SDL to use VRAM only for blitting and

  2. How to use combined detection for keyboard… Using && operator does
    not help. I would like to implement angle sprite moving in my game…
    (this means moving up and left in the same time…)


Tonci Jukic