How to get one of nine tiles to blit in Tic Tac Toe?

Hi all. I’m somewhat new to SDL and have set out to create a bunch of basic games to get a good grasp of SDL. I am currently working on Tic Tac Toe but ran into a problem. The problem is there are nine tiles and I’m trying to get each tile to light up with a question mark when the user rolls over the square…and it works for all the squares…except the leftmost/uppermost square will not blit a question mark until all the other eight squares have blitted **[or until I have rolled over all the other squares] **…kind of weird. I am using SDL_Blitsurface to blit the question marks. Is there something I am doing wrong using SDL_Blitsurface or should I be using another function to blit pictures? Thanks for any feedback!
Here is how I blit one of the nine squares:

if((x > 0 && x < 212) && (y > 0 && y < 160))//Finding out where the mouse is via SDL_mousemotion
            offset[0].x = 0;
            offset[0].y = 0;
            SDL_BlitSurface(tileHighlight, NULL, screen, &offset[0]);//this blits the question mark
            SDL_BlitSurface(one, NULL, screen, &offset[0]);//this blits whitespace if a user does not click the square