How to have multitouch working in SDL 1.3?


I really want to add multitouch support in my SDL-openGL app; so to learn
how it works, I’m trying to run the example :

It compiles ok, but It seems that there is no gestures recorded at all. As
far as understand, I have to type the SPACE bar to start recording
gestures, and to press the S key to record it in the ‘gestureSave’ file. But
when I type the S key after I have done several gestures on the screen, I
get the message : INFO: Wrote 0 templates and the ‘gestureSave’ file is

I have a Lenovo T410s, with a N-Trig touchscreen, and I’m running Linux
(Ubuntu 10.10). Multitouch works on my laptop (since with the Unity
interface, or the ‘Ginn’ software, I have at least 4-fingers multitouch that
works perfectly).

I suppose I forgot something…

Thank you

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