How to scroll smoothly from background1.png to background2.png by resetting player position to x0,y0 when in background2 and so on?


Thanks for more clarity.

My image scrolling application integrated to hardware (motor) - Digital screen printing. So in this case should i delta time or FPS for image scrolling application.

Since i am getting speed difference between image scroll and motor, if i give velocity 1920 in image scrolling application is it pix/sec or frame/sec? please confirm. thanks

If i give velocity value 1920 in image scroll application and the same value apply for hardware motor in rpm (1920 rpm), both application scroll and motor speed does not match.

Thats why asking should i use FPS or delta time to match the application scrolling speed with motor (rpm).

Looking forward your reply. Many thanks.


Sorry, can’t help you with that.



Fine. No problem. Now my application based on horizontal scroll it works fine and very smooth scroll, similarly vertical scroll possible with “n” number of images(Cropped images)?

Looking forward your reply.
Many Thanks