How to SDL_CreateRGB() transparent?

Hello, everybody.

1 - I?m coding a SpriteSheet loader.
2 - These are PNG with transparent background.
3 - There are lots of images in each sprite.
4 - I IMG_Load() in a SDL_Surface temporary.
5 - I SDL_CreateRGB() surfaces with the nescessary size to put these images, then I SDL_BlitSurface the correspondent piece of the SpriteSheet on this.
6 - That?s my problem: The targetted surface doesn?t have transparency.

And when a execute: SDL_SetAlpha(sfcSheet, SDL_ALPHA_TRANSPARENT, sfcSheet->format->Amask); The targetted surface come with a kind of sepia result. (weird)

Can anyone helpme with tips or even saying me it?s really possible?


Miguel Pragier---------------------------------
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