HTML viewer => O.S.E.A


I’ll soon put on the web the folowing project :

Open Source Embedded API

O.S.E.A is a portable, C++/STL oriented, embedded API. It is based on SDL
from Loki-Entertainment, and the Y-Lib from Ysagoon

The purprose of this project is to create a complete GPL framework for
creating game and multimedia embedded application that runs (primary) on
Linux, but more likly also on MacOS and Windows and other Unixes. Using SDL,
we achieve for the Y-Lib (home made library, that will be rewriten for OSEA)
having stuff like Sprite support, complete 2D GUI, system independant
directory access (even on MacOS).

The framework should contain support for 2D and 3D applications.
3D should use OpenGL through SDL.
It would be VERY nice to have object that can dynamically be included, like
Web or E-mail.
I though at CORBA for this; but at which level put it ? Can we reuse stuff
from GLib ??? We would like having something C++/STL friendly.
The purpose is to make a SetTopBox API AND a general high-level SDK for
multiplateformes games.
Script would be clean, should we use Java, it has the abilits to call CORBA
objects directly ?

Please people say me what do you think about that.
I put together games and embedded because it’s the same way we access info
and the same kind of user interface.
With OSEA, I should be very easy to have HTML viewer for game help,
integrated script, integrated e-mail and ICQ and stuff like this. Take a
look at Unreal Script and Unreal framework for success stories for this
kinkd of framework