[HTML5]-GPLv3-' 'TetriCrisis V "Firefox" 110% A.I.' '

[HTML5]-GPLv3-’ ‘TetriCrisis V “Firefox” 110% A.I.’ ’


This is off topic, but anyone interested in HTML5/JS game programming
should check out our now GPLv3 licensed open-source Internet game:
’ ‘TetriCrisis V “Firefox” 110% A.I.’ '.

It’s absolutely the best video game we have ever made, period.
It was hand-crafted by master Tetris game designer “JeZxLee”.
It features Team 16BitSoft’s radically advanced: “Mustang GT 5.0 SuperCharged” HTML5 video game engine.

Game is 100% GPLv3 open-source cross-platform.
It has been tested across all current desktop Internet browsers.
The level of craftsmanship is unrivaled for an Internet Tetris.

Click below URL link to play and download this game:

[Image: http://opentetris.com/images/TCV/TCV-Beta1-RC.png ]

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