From a brief scan of this site my understanding is that the project is
not an Xwindows clone, just something that performs a similiar function
to Xwindows. And that there are servers that exist to work on various
configurations, including Xwindows itself.

It is just a protocol like Xwindows that allows a machine to dictate what
a display should look like in a network transparent manner. Same
client/server system as Xwindows. They’ve got versions of their "server"
that run on Xwindows.

What this means is a new protocol that hasn’t taken off and might never
do so. I didn’t see anything that made it an Xwindows killer in the little
I read. Since it doesn’t provide an Xwindows server (according to my
understanding) I’m not interested in it and I doubt if many will be for
some time to come.

If my understanding of this is incorrect someone please correct me.