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iDevGames officially announced the start of the 4th annual uDevGames Game Development Contest this week. The contest challenges lone-wolf developers or teams to create a Mac OS X game in three months time, which will then be subjected to public vote, peer vote, and a panel of judges, with the best in a variety of categories receiving prizes. Although the contest is geared towards Mac OS X developers, uDevGames also welcomes programmers of all platforms, who wish to try their luck at Mac development. Last year, iDevGames' sponsors presented over $27,000 in total prizes, and the contest featured approximately 40 entries. Since 2001, developers from all over the world, have been awarded over $50,000.

Once the contest has been completed, as with every year, all the source code from the games entered will be released to the community. The source code ranges from ObjectiveC, C/C++, to JAVA and many projects are based on cross-platform APIs such as OpenGL, SDL, OpenAL, and range from 2D classics, like last year's Best Overall Game — "Argonaunt 2149", to 3D wonders like 2002's Best Overall Game — "Kiki the Nanobot", which was ported to Windows. Source code from past contestants, also proves to be a great tool for learning Apple's Cocoa API!

uDevGames' core concept, like other game creation contests, is to motivate developers, however it's also about giving something back to the community, for the betterment of all. uDevGames 2004 has raised the contest to a new level, and makes it a special event for open source advocates, due to iDevGames' new requirement that all games utilize an OSI approved license for source code distribution. This makes uDevGames the largest contest of its kind!

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