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Subject: [iesdk] SDL

SDL is not required to develop for IES, therefore it will not
be included in the runtime engine on the L600. You can include
the SDL libs with your compiled game and distribute them
together if you wish. So far we do not see any problems with
doing this.

For MPEG playback we will be providing the OpenStream API
which will offer hardware accelerated performance. You could
use SDL, but you will not get anywhere near the performance of
OpenStream on IES. For game controller support without SDL,
you may simply use the standard USB interfaces which are currently
available on Linux. We will support them.

SDL is a great library, but currently not necessary in the IESDK.
If we find ways to integrate the features of SDL and OpenStream,
in the future we may include an SDL-like layer in the IESDK.

As always we encourage all developers to actively voice their
suggestions for future IESDK technologies. As for Mesa,
OpenAL and Linux, we encourage you to become involved in
the open source projects for each. Once we release OpenStream
and Xtrema, we would hope that you become involved in those
open source projects as well.


-John T. Gildred
CEO, Indrema
Entertainment Systems

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