Import libraries for MingW


I’m trying to compile SDL_mixer with gcc (MingW) to test a change in the
MP3 detection code. Many (all?) MP3 files I have start with “ID3”, but
music.c only tests for (magic[0] == 0xFF && (magic[1] & 0xF0) == 0xF0).
Since all my files are in a resource file, without this test I have to
decompress the MP3 file somewhere in the file system and load it passing
its file name to Mix_LoadMUS. I’d like to load them using
Mix_LoadMUS_RW, which obviously can’t check for the file extension…

For that, I need the import libraries for libogg-0.dll, libvorbis-0.dll,
libvorbisfile-3.dll and smpeg.dll. Does anyone have those import
libraries, or know how I can generate them from the DLLs?