IMPORTANT ADDITION TO Problem with old/new SDL libraries! - Sam, please review it!

Thanks’s Sam on that answer. It would be lovely if it works, BUT->::

You didn’t get the point unfortunatelly… I DID SET “MT” IN MY

The project is MT and the point is that OLD libs work! - BUT when I use
NEW ONES - it just doesn’t!

I mean, When I use the old version MY PROGRAM CAN COMPILE OK AND IT JUST
BUT AS I SAID with NEW libs it doesn’t . The errors I listed in the
previous post were generated with new libraries:)

I use Windows XP Pro, Visual Studio 7.0 NET and SDL 1.2.4 BUT because of
the problem listed I use the old lib “SDLmain.lib” and ONLY that one.
Others work OK!

Please review the problem.

Read ya:)

Tonci Jukic