Inability to use SDL_VIDEODRIVER=dummy on Mac OS X

Hello, new community member here. Assuming I know nothing will yield a good approximation of reality.

On Mac OS X, SDL2 is not usable with the dummy video driver, because the dummy video driver does not supply GL callbacks, and SDL initialisation will will fail without them. I use the dummy driver to run automated tests for, and I would like them to work on Mac OS X. Shall I file a bug ?

I would have liked to submit a patch myself but I know very little about GL and I do not want to assume that the correct solution is to implement a dummy GL driver, anyway.

hg blame src/video/SDL_video.c shows the code that produces the error I see (“No OpenGL support in video driver”) :


8582: /* Some platforms have OpenGL enabled by default */
8582: flags |= SDL_WINDOW_OPENGL;
8582: #endif
8582: if (flags & SDL_WINDOW_OPENGL) {
8582: if (!_this->GL_CreateContext) {
8582: SDL_SetError(“No OpenGL support in video driver”);
8582: return NULL;
8582: }
8582: if (SDL_GL_LoadLibrary(NULL) < 0) {
8582: return NULL;
8582: }
8582: }

Thanks in advance,

Darren Kulp

kulp wrote:

Shall I file a bug ?

I filed Any discussion can hereafter take place there, not here.