Inconsistent Performance in Image Scrolling

Currently we are using sdl application for scrolling large tiff files (1 bit depth) with a resolution ranging from 1000 dpi to 2000 dpi approximately image width 51840 and height 115200.

This we are doing using tile function i.e cropping the input image into smaller images of width and height 540 X 1080 size and the scrolling them parallel in a matrix format on a row by row basis…however there is a minor stuttering observed while doing so…we have observed that the scrolling is not being done uniformly across all the rows in a consistent fashion, the scrolling velocity in fps remains inconsistent across different rows i.e out of 10 rows 5 rows give an inconsistent performance.

We have tried using vsync, hardware acceleration, software acceleration etc but the problem is still persistent.
Image information

Image DPI - 1000 dpi and 2000 dpi
Image width and height = Width - 51840 and Height - 115200
Image size in MB - 711 MB.
Cropped image are = Width and height 540 and 1080.

The system configuration is :

Intel core i5 7th generation processor, 8 gb ddr4 ram, windows 8.1 os and 2gb nvidia graphic card ( recently added ) and a lcd monitor with 60hz frequency.

Even after trying with hardware acceleration on a gpu there seems to be no change in scrolling, we are still not sure if the graphic card is being utilized or not.

Also i am attaching the source code which were using that.

main_4June2019.cpp (28.4 KB)

Kindly do the needful. Many Thanks.

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