Ini type lib for SDL Here

Here is the library I have been working on…

Everything works cool, exepct the part where it rewrites the existing file
if nessessary.

I don’t have anymore time to work on it. I just started school, and work
full time also programming dumb ass stuff… hehehe… I have put a tar
file on my ftp site if anyone is interested in looking at it and finishing
it. There shouldn’t be too much work left on it.


As I said before, this is in binary format so that you can put more than
just ascii text for the values… the file format is very simple.

1st byte of the file is the interger length of the first key.
2nd byte is the length of the value for that key.

then the key and value come, and then the next two bytes are the key and
the value lengths; same as above…

i already have functions that read these… just need to have them write to
the file if the file already exists… /pub/SDL_Settings

it will be there in about 5 minutes…

Let me know if anyone finishes it… There’s no license, so just put it
as whatever SDL is. hehe. just have my name somewhere. :slight_smile: