Input with HG SDL 1.3 and iphone

I’ve updated my old SDL 1.3 branch to the latest HG version, there are a few
changes in the iphone specific code that give me some problems:

  1. There is an implementation of the multiple displays/multiple resolution
    ipad framework, that cause a requirement for SDK 3.2, I’ve updated
    and compiled for 3.2, but if I try to run something it spawns the ipad
    simulator, not the iphone one :slight_smile: So I’ve adapted the code with some:

    #ifdef __IPHONE_3_2

    Around the parts not present in 3.1 SDK to be able to compile again
    against SDK 3.1.x. Maybe there is a more elegant way to do so,
    expecially now that 4.0 has been released, using something like:
    DOES NOT work :frowning:

    Compiling against SDL 3.1.3 correctly runs the iphone simulator and not
    the ipad one.

  2. This is the unsolved problem :slight_smile:

    It seems that both the simulator and the real iphone don’t see the
    "mouse" anymore, the program draws the interface but stops on
    SDL_WaitEvent(), waking up only for the quit event when u press the
    iphone button (I’m logging the event type).

I know SDL 1.3 is a work in progress, just wondering if someone can point me
a tarball or a SVN/HG version that has at least the input handling working
on iphone. I’ve read that multimouse support has been removed and I suspect
that is the cause of my problem :)–