Interest in "Cocoa SDL"

Okay, I’ve looked at the Objective-C bindings that are on the SDL
page and it’s confusing as heck. I’ve managed to convert the sources
generic Objective-C to OpenStep/GNUstep/Cocoa Objective-C, but the
are incomplete and the object model is difficult to follow – not to
that there’s no documentation.

Anyway, I was looking at jsdl, the Java bindings/library and things are
easier there for me to understand (of course, I have 4 years of Java
experience and < 1 year of ObjC – you do the math).

Would anybody be interested in a Cocoa (Apple-specific) class lib that
was modeled along the same lines as the jsdl project? Are there any
folks from the jsdl project who might be willing to answer a few
questions (off-line) about design decisions?