Interest in Game Controller API Improvements

I’ve run into a couple limitations of the game controller API when working on a new controller mapping UI for my Genesis/MD emulator, BlastEm. In particular, I’m looking for button labels that match the device and identification of controllers with non-standard physical layouts like the various fighting pads. I can certainly implement those things myself, but I imagine I’m not the only person who could use that. Indeed, I found this thread from about a year and a half ago that mentions the button label issue.

I’d be willing to spend some time working on some patches if there’s interest.

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I have started a library to be able to display labels and handle other kind of controllers:
It’s usable with any input library. I intent to use it with SDL and use GameController mappings as a fallback to use it’s extensive database.

If something looks good to you, feel free to copycat.