iOS MoltenVK Static Framework Not Found in Archive

I am able to statically link the MoltenVK.framework and successfully build and run my app, but after archiving my app and installing it to a device SDL_Vulkan_LoadLibrary(NULL) fails.
SDL_GetError() says, “Failed loading libMoltenVK.dylib: dlopen(libMoltenVK.dylib, 6): image not found”

I am able to archive and run my app successfully if I link the dynamic library libMoltenVK.dylib instead.
The SDL wiki page only states that, “On iOS SDL will attempt to load libMoltenVK.dylib” and not the static framework, but the code in UIKit_Vulkan_LoadLibrary seems to try to load the static framework as shown:

if (!path) {
    /* MoltenVK framework, currently, v0.17.0, has a static library and is
     * the recommended way to use the package. There is likely no object to
     * load. */
    vkGetInstanceProcAddr =

Any idea why the static framework works in debug build but not after archiving?