iOS Store invalid binaries?


I’m finding this problem since yesterday when I submit an app to the app store. It validates locally ok, runs ok on my device, uploads apparently without problems, but then I get an email:

We identified one or more issues with a recent delivery for your app, myappname. Please correct the following issues, then upload again.

ITMS-90755: Invalid Binary - The following binaries in your app contains prohibited instructions: /Volumes/data01/app_data/app-processing/ Remove the instructions from the binaries, rebuild and resubmit.

Has anyone here ever encountered this problem?

Thank you,


with the SDL2 2.0.12 release or hg?

No. We are using an earlier version (>= 2.0), but it was working fine until now.

Should that make a difference?

Probably does and it helps to give as much information as possible.
If it’s an old version, maybe it’s minimum iOS compatibility is no longer accepted by Apple.
Also latest couple of versions added helpful iOS stuff (the way the keyboard works, the appswitcher bar settings…).

It is still happening with SDL2 tip right now.

I upgraded xcode (and my operating system), and it went through just fine.

I don’t know if the change to the latest SDL2 and all deps was required, but one of the two things seems to have helped, unless Apple changed something on their side, which is always a possibility.