iPhone SDL weekly progress

Hello SDL’ians!

Here is this week’s iPhone SDL progress update:

– wrote fireworks (OpenGL ES) demo and ensured everything with OpenGL
ES works properly.
– started testing programs listed in ‘test’ directory. So far 15
programs have been tested. 14 are working (or fail properly as in the
case of the CDROM test). So far only testalpha does not work
properly, however it doesn’t work for me under Mac OS X either using
the trunk code (see my previous post to the list).
– polished video driver code and fixed several bugs in it
– fixed several bugs in OpenGL ES render driver
– ensured file writing works properly (despite sandbox)

For the rest of this week I will continue to ensure that the remaining
programs in the test directory work properly, look into keyboard
support (still a maybe on that one), and look into writing a multi-
touch API.

Here is a youtube video that shows some of the test programs, and also
my fireworks demo:

over and out,

  • Holmes