Irix box

Sam Lantinga wrote:

Simon wrote:

In between installing CD’s into this thing, I’ve been trying to
debug an SDL application running under windows :frowning: Works on Linux
and NT, crashes on 98. There’s nothing NT-dependent with your
mingw32 X-compiler is there ?
(he asks, hopefully)

Nope. This usually happens when you are requesting direct hardware
access and then do not lock the surface before you access the pixels.
Try it under the framebuffer console on Linux to see if it crashes
there too.

I’m not sure how to use the framebuffer under Linux (I have a Matrox
G400, but when I run the program on a plain tty, it complains about
not having any available video device).

I’m not asking for any SDL_HWSURFACE’s yet anyway (I thought I’d get
the SW_SURFACE’s going first :-), so I thought I’d not have to do any
SDL_LockSurface() calls, right ?

This is a bit off-topic… I’m allocating memory in one thread and
using it in the other (one thread is fetching video from a server,
the main program is displaying it at frame-rate). Could this be a
source of the problem ? If it is, are there any “global” memory
allocation routines in SDL ? I saw something about SDL_RWops in a
different thread, but can’t find it in the source ! (It’s in the
headers though…)

Thanks for all the help so far :slight_smile:

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