Is Android support dead?

Ever since ant support has been stripped from Android SDK, there doesn’t seem to be a way to build an SDL project in Android Studio. I’m trying to get SDL to build in Android Studio via CMake which is how they want you to handle NDK development but it’s just an error fest. Granted I don’t know what I’m doing because I’m not an Android expert which is why I rely on SDL to be the middle layer.

I’m so frustrated right now with the lack of a proper solution.

I’d say it’s the opposite - there are bug fixes and new features added to SDL2’s Android support! It’s just that Android Studio “template” project was added after 2.0.7 release, so you’d only get one if you checked out from hg.

I’m not sure if that’s going to be of big help, but here’s a thingy that might get you going: It uses cmake to build everything, so be sure to have it installed in your Android SDK. If you’re going to check the project out, please do note that it uses submodules.

What’s “hg” and where do I check it out?

I was referring to SDL’s Mercurial repository, located here:
You can download the repository from the web interface or clone it to your local machine using the Mercurial client.

Thanks for your help! Thanks to who set this up.

I pulled down the development tip, generated the sample SDL project (org.libsdl.testgles), opened the project in Android Studio, built without problems, built the APK and installed it on my phone.

hallelujah! It all worked! Never thought I’d see the day I could build with the latest Android Studio and NDK.