Is it possible to retrieve glyphs for a gamecontroller button?

Curious, is it possible to retrieve a glyph for a game controller button? Like a way to query for the A button and get a string “triangle” or similar?

you question is not very clear.

Any button will emit an event, and catching this event you can do whatever you like, be it printing a string or whetever

I mean figuring out the layout of the controller along with the representative glyphs.

So you can say press “triangle” to jump, instead of button 1. Right now you can’t really know that, but there’s work done to map to gamecontroller, so it’s possible that the information of what each button is exists, but isn’t exposed - or maybe it’s but I haven’t figured out yet.

You could use SDL_GameControllerGetType.

Probably maintaining a reverse map of the game controller per type could maybe…

Just to explain how I could grapes it works in Apple, in the game controller, we have the GCControllerElement, which contains a sfSymbolsName, which then can be used to retrieve the actual standard apple symbol from systemImageNamed. But to be simpler, a string would suffice.