Is there a way to run my SDL project on both Windows and MacOS?

My PC is windows but I have a Macbook that I’d like to be able to work on my project on while I’m not at home. I have an SDL project set up in Visual Studio that works on PC, and it’s all in a Github repo. Is there any way I could clone the project to my Mac and work on it in Visual Studio there?

To be clear I’m not necessarily interested in getting the game build to work on Mac right now, just the development environment. I’m new to C++ so I’m not sure if this is feasible. I also wasn’t able to find a good answer online but maybe I wasn’t using the right search terms.


So there isn’t a mac port of Visual Studio, as far as I know, but if what you want is a source code editor that feels like Visual Studio, then you should probably try Visual Studio Code, which does run on the Mac and probably gets you most of what you want.

Sure, VS Code would work too, but my main question is how I would configure it so that both operating systems work.

When I set it up in Visual Studio, I had to download SDL for Windows and tell the IDE where I put the includes and lib files. But if I wanted to also have it work on Mac, I assume I would need to download and do the same for the Mac version of SDL, but I don’t fully understand how you could set up both at once (e.g. be able to clone the project repo and it automatically tells which OS you’re using and chooses the right version of SDL to use).

You download the dmg’s on MacOS and reference the frameworks in XCode. Windows VS you gotta grab the included and libs directories. Both IDE’s need you to show where the includes and libraries/frameworks are located. All system required files are on the SDL GitHub releases tab.