Is there an option to not compile SDL_Mixer's playwave?

Is there a ./configure option to not compile SDL_Mixer’s playwave that I missed? I recently cross-compiled SDL_Mixer with no SDL2 in path, and I didn’t want anything but the static library version of SDL_Mixer anyway so nothing to link and I even used --disable-sdltest to avoid linking SDL2. But to my dismay I found out that typing make will attempt to compile playwave at the end and attempt to link SDL2 into that anyway, and as a result the compilation errors out even though the only thing I actually wanted to build, the static lib, built just fine.

So is there an option for this? If not, can it possbly be added? Because in an automated build script both not being able to rely on exit code to check success, and/or the need to set up libraries I don’t strictly need (SDL2) is somewhat annoying and unfortunate