It Still says "Couldn't set GL mode:"

Well OpenGL still won’t work, but those drivers helped. It still says
"Couldn’t set GL mode:", but now I have some more info.

First of all, I've got a nVidia Vanta. Also, Tribes 2 works in windows
on my machine, so OpenGL will work on my machine.

There were a ton of extra libraries missing from my distribution, like
the DirectFB and DNET ones (The test programs wouldn't configure
without the last one). Last time I mailed, they had mysteriously all
compiled, but when I did make clean and then re-installed the tests
just wouldn't recompile. They kept complaining about SDL 1.2.3 not
being installed. But now it's just peachy.

The nVidia drivers really helped X and the SDL games that do work,
they don't skip as much and X is clearer.

I'm also having some other problems with SDL. testgamma doesn't work
and says "Unable to set gamma:Gamma ramp manipulation not supported".
Even worse is the mouse, whenever I move it in ZSNES or the test
programs it jumps to the upper-right hand corner and only comes out
shortly if I move the mouse violently.

Thanks for your replies so far. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.

Uru2 (sometimes just Uru)
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Well OpenGL still won't work, but those drivers helped. It still says

Just FYI, I read SDL mail with a text browser, and while I’m getting better
at reading HTML, I’m still much less likely to try to understand it if I’m
in a hurry.

See ya,
-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment