JEDI-SDL Beta 3 is now available for download

[… sent on behalf of Dominique Louis]

JEDI-SDL is the Object Pascal import units / bindings for the SDL (
Simple DirectMedia Layer - ) cross-platform
multi-media/game library, which works on the following Operating
Systems…Windows, Linux, MacOS ( Can anyone say Kylix for MacOS [:-)]
and BeOS amongst others.
JEDI-SDL has been tested and works with Delphi, Kylix and FreePascal
compilers. It is released under the Mozilla Public Licence ( MPL ).

In the downloads section of the JEDI-SDL home page ( ) you should find
the latest beta of the headers ( currently at Beta 3 ).

Beta 3 brings the following enhancements…
I have added conversions for SDL_env.h, SDL_Mixer.h and SDL_Net.h while
Matthias Thoma has added conversions for SDL_Image.h and SMPEG.h.

This version is also SDL version 1.2.0 compliant.
This release also adds demos for the SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer.

A conversion bug, that was pointed out by Clem Vasseur, has also been fixed.

I have set up a home page at ( until the
official page is hosted on the JEDI server ), where the latest
information will be available.

There is now a mailing list that has been set up at so we can all learn from
each other how to use these libraries with Delphi and Kylix.

There is also a documentation directory that is currently in HTML
format. All code examples in the documentation have been converted to
Object Pascal but are UnTested.
I Also fixed a few conversion bugs which I came across while converting
the documentation.

There are now 6 standard examples included with this JEDI-SDL
distribution that cross-compile with both Delphi and Kylix…

Is the TestWin application, which is based on the testwin application
that comes with the SDL SDK, only my version has a gui front end to the
options available and has been compiled under Delphi 4.03. It should be
compatible with Delphi 3.0 onwards ( though Delphi 2 compatibility has
not been tested ).

A Plasma example which was converted from one found on the Demos page of
the SDL site.

A Voxel terrain following demo, which was converted from one found on
the Demos page of the SDL site. This one should be of interest to others
as it shows how to handle keyboard events when using SDL.

A Mouse handling demo that shows how to use transparency and clickable

A Space Invaders style game called Aliens which shows the use of SDL,
SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer. This game shows how to handle sound, keyboards
and some basic collision detection. It is a conversion of one found on
the SDL Demos page.

A SDL_Mixer demo that shows how to load and play a wav file under Win32
and Linux using SDL.

There are also 4 OpenGL demos that are based on the NeHe tutorials but
changed to fit within the SDL structure and currently only compile under
Delphi ( though Kylix support should be fairly simple to add ).

The Latest Stable Release version of the file can always
be found on the Delphi-JEDI site or in the downloads section of this ( ) site.

Many thanks go out to Matthias Thoma for helping get the Kylix demos

Hope you enjoy this release.