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In light of your responses, I tried running gemdropx under fvwm
instead of sawmill - I get the same (expected) joystick error, and
then it works as expected. So perhaps there is a sawmill|sdl
conflict? There was a new upstream sawmill release to 0.21 - perhaps
that will resolve the problem? I haven’t had time to look further

-Jim Jensen		jensen at computer.org

“Bill” == William Kendrick <@Bill_Kendrick> writes:

Bill> Hm… The focus problem sounds suspiciously like an SDL
Bill> problem…

Bill> I’m forwarding this bug report to the SDL mailing list
Bill> (sdl at lokigames.com) in case anyone has any tips.

Bill> Thanks guys!

Bill> -bill!

Hi Bill, its in the archive only a short time and then this…
any idea? ----- Forwarded message from Jim Jensen

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Package: gemdropx Version: 0.7-1 Severity: important

When starting gemdropx, I get the error: opening joystick: No such
file or directory, which is true - I have no joystick. However
the gemdropx window refuses to accept keyboard focus, and so the
game can’t be started. (Using sawmill-0.20.1-2 and librep5.9-2)

Thanks, -Jim Jensen jensen at computer.org

– System Information Debian Release: potato Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux tt 2.3.36 #4 Wed Jan 5 19:38:08 EST 2000 i686

Versions of packages gemdropx depends on: ii libaudiofile0
0.1.9-0.1 The Audiofile Library ii libc6 2.1.2-11 GNU C Library:
Shared libraries an ii libesd0 0.2.16-2 Enlightened Sound Daemon -
Shared ii libsdl0.11 0.11.2-1 Simple DirectMedia Layer ii xlib6g
3.3.5-2 shared libraries required by X cli

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