JeZxLee's SDL2 "T-Crisis 4 110% A.I. Turbo Remix™" Being Prepared For Valve's Steam Game Client


We are now working on polishing our SDL2 Tetris game
to be published next month on Valve’s Steam game client…

Thanks for your continued support!

Jesse “JeZxLee”

You can get the game and the open-source by visiting the official page below:

I may be wrong, but try post all “game stuff” here Game Development - Simple Directmedia Layer
This category is for SDL development as library.
Thank you.



Thanks to Steve for contacting us about the broken URL link
when exiting the game from the title screen using the [Exit] button.

We fixed it and updated the official release page above.
We also have the new SDL2.0.22 RC1 in the Windows(R) version…

Thanks to Steve!



Game is almost ready for Steam.
We perfected the gamepad support on Windows(R) and Linux.
Game support up to 4 gamepads.

We updated the official page above and also the source code on GitHub.
Game is set to release on Steam for PC Windows(R)/Linux and Steam Deck handheld next month.



IANAL and this is definitely not legal advice, but you should probably not use the trademarked name in any way shape or form.

I think the “trade dress” rights are dumb, but you should be aware of the liability issues you’ll potentially face from releasing this game.

Valve has lawyers, they looked at the game and approved for publishing on Steam already

Each developer on Steam is responsible for adhering to local regulations for the regions where they want to publish. My understanding is that content is not reviewed for copyright violations during the submission process.

There are 50 million other Tetri games for sale on Steam

(Bumped this over to the Game Development category.)


We just received the new promo video from our video technician on

You can watch it on YouTube below:


PS - Game has a tentative May 31st release date on Steam…


This is a forum for SDL, not for advertising your games. Please stop.


Game uses SDL2 and this forum category is labeled:
[This is where non-SDL discussion about making games can go. ]

Game is also open-source…


There are thousands of games that use SDL, and what?
I don’t see Valve’s posts here about integrating SDL into their games.
I don’t see the Epic Games ad “we are publishing a new game using SDL”.
And so on.

Sorry, but I’m tired of this …