Joypad polling timelag on windows XP

Hello everybody,

I am experiencing a varying timelag when polling a USB Joypad with SDL,
through JNI since my main app is developed in Java.

I have two releases (with the same Java code) of the project, one for
mac os x, one for windows xp. The only difference is about the compiled
native code that makes calls to SDL (and the compiled SDL library).
On mac os x I have no delay so I don’t think the problem comes from
using Java and JNI.
But on windows XP there is a non constant timelag (in fact sometimes
there is not any, and sometimes it can reach 100 ms or more) between
the moment I press a button on the joypad and the moment it has an
effect in the app.

Does anyone have encountered the same problem or have any idea on the
subject ?


Guillaume Denis