Joystick GUID issue


I’m having a problem getting the correct GUID and name for a PlayStation DualShock 4 controller.

On my win7 machine SDL_JoystickGetGUID and SDL_JoystickGetGUIDString return

guid: 030000004c050000cc09000000016800
name: PS4 Controller

Which is correct. However on my Win10 machine I get:

guid: 4c05cc09000000000000504944564944
name: Wireless Controller

The odd thing is that this app: which uses SDL2 reports the correct guid and name for the joystick.

The code is so simple I can’t really see what the problem might be.
Any ideas?

I don’t really know, but maybe the different names+GUIDs are due to different drivers used by Win7 vs Win10? Does Win7 even ship a driver for it or did you have to install it manually?

Ah, I’ve solved my issue. I’ve just updated from running SDL2 2.0.3 and I was still loading the old .dll on my other machine.

Now everything is running with 2.0.9 all is now fine.