Key locked in console after returning from one SDL app to the caller SDL app

Hello all,

I’m facing the following problem:
I’m using an SDL front-end to start an SDL MAME game. When I exit the game,
and try to start another (or the same) game, the front-end doesn’t react to
that “start” key. I can select other games, so the front end reacts fine to
the other keys. Once I’ve pressed the “start” key, the front-end will react
properly the next time I press that key. This problem only occurs when I
start the front-end from the console. If I run it under X or from a console
under X it works fine. If I don’t use an SDL version of the MAME emulator,
the problem also doesn’t occur.

As an example (the 1 is the start key) (between “()” is optional):

  • start front-end from console
    (- select game using the keys)
  • press 1 -> game starts
    (- play game)
  • press esc -> exit game
    (- select another game)
  • press 1 -> no reaction
    (- select another game)
  • press 1 -> game starts

Anyone have an idea what might be causing this?


Pieter Hulshoff